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Re: Comparing T-rex to pterosaurs was (Re: pterosaur tracks from SVP)

Quetzalcoatlus was very clearly a functional quadruped rather than a biped,
and it could not pull its neck back. Sam, please note that I'm not disagreeing
with you about bipedalism, only making the statement that Q, at least, was not
a biped.  In fact, there is a rather massive knob on the distal end of the
humerus that supports the full weight of their front end on top of their r/u
when they stick their elbows up above their shoulders, together with the
attachment markings for the sac that surrounded the joint, and a supporting
shelf on the scapulo-coracoid that takes the load from the proximal end of the
humerus when the elbow is in that reversed position.  They had two available
quadrupedal postures that could carry their weight quite handily.

Martin Barnett wrote:

>          Looking at extant bipeds with reduced tails, they all have their
> necks pulled back.
> Samuel Barnett