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Re: Comparing T-rex to pterosaurs was (Re: pterosaur tracks from SVP)

>>Are you forgetting the rather stiff wings sticking to the rear of the
pterosaurs?  These would not have been neatly folded into thirds and
tucked into the body as birds do.  They'd stick out (to the rear) from
the wrist at nearly a full extension length on each side.  The
wingfinger struts probably acted as much as a counter balance to this
animal's front end as the tail of T rex did to it's front end -bipedally
or quadrepedally.<<
I wouldn't think that wing struts would have enough mass to couterballance the
head.  Besides, sticking out strait behind would make the pterosaur suseptable
to side-to-side drafts.  Wing struts sticking strait up (with the membrane
hanging down and so not stretched taut.  Makes more sence.

>One note of interest from the talk -they couldn't get a rhemphoryncinoid
of any type to walk succesfully in ANY of the 3 postures, only
The long tail was a problem in ALL postures they've tried.<<
Are rhemphoryncioid tails stiff or floppy?