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Madagascar dinos revisited - Triassic sauropods?

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

I finally got to see the latest report (in Science)on the supposed Middle Triassic prosauropods from Madagascar. While I wouldn't be surprised at a Middle Triassic dinosaur per se (seeing as the
Carnian is the early part of the Late Triassic, and the saurischian-ornithischian split had demonstrably occured by then), I wish the support for the Middle Triassic Epoch for the unit was based on something other than vertebrate biochronology. >>>

I just read this paper too. One thing in particular caught my attention. The paper suggests that the entire Isalo Group of Madagascar is of Triassic age, and mentions that other dinosaurs have been collected from the Group. Checking the references, the sauropod _Lapparentosaurus madagascariensis_ also comes from the Isalo Group as does some rather nice adult "Bothriospondylus" sauropod material. I'm presuming this material is of a younger age than the two new "Isalo II" prosauropods described in the paper (one close to _Azendohsaurus_, the other more derived and closer to _Sellosaurus_).

Does this mean that Madagascar may have sauropods (_Lapparentosaurus_, "Bothriospondylus")of Late Triassic (or perhaps Early Jurassic) age? This sauropod material is usually given as Middle or Late Jurassic in age.


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