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Re: Comparing T-rex to pterosaurs was (Re: pterosaur tracks from SVP)

  If rhemphoryncinoids cannot be made to be adequately mobile on 
>the ground, then perhaps they did have a bat-like lifestyle.  As much as I 
>would like to have a rhemphoryncinoid that scampers like a small bird, or a 
>modified squirrel, if the skeleton will not allow it, then I need to look 
>for a more plausible solution.
>Rob Meyerson

Not necessarily.  If they could adopt a stance on the ground (without
walking) and could take off and land from that position, then they could
have behaved rather like the alpine South American hummingbird, the Bearded
Helmetcrest, which feeds on insects on the ground but flies from perch to
perch with only minimal walking.  Or I suppose they could have hopped?  Or
perhaps clambered about in trees?  I think we need to know more - is the
problem one of stance (in which a batlike hanging behaviour may be the
likely solution) or of gait?

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