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CNN: Researchers find dinosaur tracks in the Yukon

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Researchers find dinosaur tracks in the Yukon

September 6, 1999 
Web posted at: 11:18 AM EDT (1518 GMT) 

TORONTO (Reuters) -- Researchers say they have found dinosaur footprints
believed to be more than 65 million years old in Canada's north. 

A team of Canadian and U.S. researchers say three tracks were discovered
in the Faro/Ross River area of the Yukon, in the far reaches of Canada's

The footprints -- which range from about 10 centimeters to 45
centimeters (4 to 18 inches) -- are both individual casts and trackways.
One trackway preserves four steps of a dinosaur left in soft mud. 

The discovery was first documented last spring by paleontologists Roland
Gangloff and Kevin May from the University of Alaska Museum, in
Fairbanks, Alaska. They returned to the area in August with Canadian
paleontologist John Storer from the Yukon Government's Heritage branch
to gather further data. 

They will return to the area next spring to continue the search for more

The discovery is the first of fossil tracks to be found in the Yukon and
only the second record of dinosaurs in the territory. 

The only other find to date from the area was three fragments of
dinosaur bone from the Bonnet Plume Basin, 450 kilometers (280 miles)
north of the recent find. 

"Finding evidence of dinosaurs in the Yukon is very exciting," Tourism
Minister Dave Keenan said, in a press release. "It is important that
this discovery be protected, studied and then shared for the benefit of
all Yukon people." 

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