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My reply to Ilja--
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<< The main question is whether Von Meyer's attribution of _A. lithographica_
 to the feather is either intended or valid (since he hadn't seen the
 specimen, only heard vague rumours about it). The ICZN decided to uphold the
 name in 1964, though, although strictly speaking Owen's name _A. macrura_
 should stand. >>

I recall running into exactly the situation you describe when I researched 
the various names of _Archaeopteryx lithographica_ for Mesozoic Meanderings 
#1 and 2. Unfortunately, my copies of the relevant papers are buried, so I 
can't get at the references and have to rely on memory here. I, too, was 
unable to find anything by Wagner using the species name _problematicus_ and 
so concluded the name was misconstrued by Woodward in that footnote. This 
made Woodward 1862 the author of the species _G. problematicus_, regardless 
of its actual nomenclatural status, and it is the first species name used 
with the genus _Griphosaurus_. In any case, all these alternative names and 
spellings have been suppressed in favor of _Archaeopteryx lithographica_ by 
the ICZN following petitions by Swinton and Ostrom, in Opinions #607 and 

Here is my entry for Archaeopterygidae as it presently stands in MM #2 3rd 
ed. (? means type species of its genus, here usually by monotypy; ? means may 
not belong to listed genus; synonyms are spelled out in full; individual 
valid recognized species have generic name abbreviated because it is exactly 
the same as the name listed as Genus); additions and corrections welcome:

Genus: Archaeopteryx von Meyer, 1861 [nomen conservandum]
= Archaeonis Ostrom, 1992 [sic]
= Archaeopterix [Anonymous] 1861 [sic]
= Archaeornis Petronievics vide Petronievics & Woodward, 1917
= Archäopteryx Steiner, 1922 [sic]
= Archeopteryx Owen, 1864 [sic]
= Archeornis Jensen, 1969 [sic]
= Archopteryx Jensen, 1969 [sic]
= Griphornis Owen vide Woodward, 1862 [sic]
= Griphosaurus Wagner, 1861 [nomen oblitum]
= Gryphornis Lambrecht, 1933 [sic]
= Gryphosaurus Marschall, 1873 [sic]
A. lithographica von Meyer, 1861 [nomen conservandum]?
= Archaeopterix lithographica [Anonymous] 1861 [sic]
= Pterodactylus crassipes von Meyer, 1857 [nomen oblitum]
= Archaeopteryx crassipes (von Meyer, 1857) Ostrom, 1972 [nomen oblitum]
= Rhamphorhynchus crassipes (von Meyer, 1857) von Meyer, 1857 [as 
Pterodactylus (Rhamphorhynchus) crassipes; nomen oblitum]
= Scaphognathus crassipes (von Meyer, 1857) Wagner, 1861 [nomen oblitum]
= Griphosaurus problematicus Woodward, 1862 [nomen oblitum]?
= Griphornis longicaudatus Woodward, 1862 [nomen oblitum]?
= Griphosaurus longicaudatus (Woodward, 1862) Owen, 1862 [nomen oblitum]?
= Griphosaurus longicaudatum (Woodward, 1862) [sic]
= Archaeopteryx macrura Owen, 1862 [nomen oblitum]
= Archaeopterix macrura Owen, 1862 [sic]
= Archaeopterix macrurus Egerton, 1862 [sic]
= Archeopteryx macrurus Owen, 1864 [sic]
= Archaeopteryx macroura Vogt, 1879 [sic]
= Archaeopteryx siemensii Dames, 1897
= Archaeopteryx siemensi (Dames, 1897)
= Archaeornis siemensi (Dames, 1897)
= Archaeornis siemensii (Dames, 1897) Petronievics, 1917?
= Archaeopteryx oweni Petronievics, 1917 [nomen oblitum]
= Archaeopteryx macrourus Owen, 1862 vide Lambrecht, 1933 [sic]
= Gryphornis longicaudatus Lambrecht, 1933 [sic]
= Gryphosaurus problematicus Lambrecht, 1933 [sic]
= Archeopteryx macrura Ostrom, 1970 [sic]
= Archaeopterix lithographica di Gregorio, 1984 [sic]
?A. vicensensis [Anonymous] vide Lambrecht, 1933 [nomen nudum]
= Archaeopteryx vicensis Brodkorb, 1978 [sic]
NOTE: The above species is a pterosaur, according to O. Kleinschmidt 
(Lambrecht, 1933; Brodkorb, 1978). A formal description has apparently never 
been published.
?A. bavarica Wellnhofer, 1993
NOTE: Generic and specific names marked nomen oblitum in the above listing, 
as well as many of the misspellings, were formally suppressed in favor of the 
names marked nomen conservandum by opinions #607 and #1070 of the 
International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.

Genus: Jurapteryx Howgate, 1985
J. recurva (Howgate, 1984) Howgate, 1985?
= Archaeopteryx recurva Howgate, 1984
NOTE: Most workers continue to regard this species as a synonym of 
Archaeopteryx lithographica (cf. Wellnhofer, 1992). Its smaller size and 
distinctive dental anatomy, however, support assignment to a distinct genus. 
Archaeopteryx bavarica may also be referable to this genus.

Genus: [To be described from the Late Jurassic of Korea, based on forelimb 
bones with good feather impressions; first reported, with photographs, in the 
popular press in Korea in the October 22, 1993 issue of Nodong Sinmum 
(Feduccia, 1996)]

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