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Symposium on Extinction Mechanics

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the European Space
Agency are pleased to announce the First Interstellar Symposium on
Extinction Mechanics.

Interested Paleontologists and Geologists are invited to submit proposals
for program demonstrations of their favorite mass extinction causal
theories.  Participants will demonstrate the various methods as they see
fit; entire biomes are at their disposal.  Please note that, to keep the
demonstrations relevant to earth-centric mass extinction theories, wiping
out an entire biosphere is strictly off-limits.

Any method or combination of methods are allowed, including global
warming and/or freezing, introduction of parasite species,
bolide-tossing, nova or supernova bombardment, forced evolution into
unrecognizable forms, inducing massive volcanism, inducing continental
breakup, introduction of pathogens, etc, etc.  Each participant will bee
given his or her own planet to demonstrate with.  Selected planets will
evince a wide variety of life forms, from microbes, to vertebrate life,
or the nearest equivalent which may be found.

Date:  A soon as may be scientifically and econimically practical.
Duration:  Each participant is limited to 100,000 earth years.
Cast to participants:  Unknown, but extimated to be in the trillions of
dollars range.
**Please note that all funds must be made in US or European funds, drawn
on US or European financial institutions.**
Cost to interested attendees:  As much as we can squeeze out of you.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

MD coordinator,
National Iguana Awareness Day
As long as my temeprature and humidity conditions are correct, I am
considered normal.

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