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Bambi and Friends

I invite one and all to visit my first attempt at html  (it pale(o)s in
comparison to quite a few DNListers) and view some large fuzzy photos
of_Bambirapter feinbergi_ and his friends that will be at the Dino-Bird
symposium coming up at the Broward County Convention Center Friday,
sponsored by Dania's (FL USA) Graves Museum of Archeology and Natural
History.(Yup, I fit it all in.)
Files of the photos are rather large at 73 to 80K.


Can't wait to tramp through the 'Glades on the offered tour. It'll be
interesting to see it like a tourist. Anyone have the schedule of talks?
I've never been to a paleo meet before, only hematology, microbiology,
and electron microscopy ones, so  I'd like to do some planning ahead of
time. Nice to have world class specimens nearby, it was getting
expensive flying and driving back to NY.

Michael Patrick Corriss
Miami Beach