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Having finally managed to hack into Mickey Rowe's file of unforwarded e-mail, I can say we've missed a lot:
--Dinogeorge's advocacy of Spengler's theory of racial senescence; the idea that dinos died out because they had been around too long, as demonstrated by the baroque headgear of hadrosaurs.  When Mr. Rowe refused to let the theory be posted, DG decided to sweep the pieces off the board...uhm, advocate the impact hypothesis.
--An addition to the by-laws requiring that list members refer to each other as Honored Person, and never Dr. or Mr.
--Honored Person Holtz's announcement that cladograms work just as well in reverse.  Nonavian dinos continue to exist; they've just shrunk beyond visibility.  He is now engaged in a continuing project attempting to observe tyranno's chasing hadro's in a petri dish through an inverted telescope.
--Honored Person Headden's announcement that he too has no idea what those obscure names for bones refer to, and that the elaborate headgear on hadrosaurs was actually a foot.
--A counterclaim that the elaborate footpads on hadrosaurs were actually a mute designed to make a lovelorn hadro sound like Louis Armstrong.
--Honored Person Matt Bonnan's advertisement of a sale on his extra elephant's foot umbrella stands.
--Honored Person Mickey Mortimer's admission that he uses seedy characters in his analysis.
And too many more for me to think of.