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Re: New Dryptosaurus from N.C. !

It is so, it is so - as far as that reputable source is concerned.  And
while details of the discovery are still very hush hush, I have received
word that potential nasal pathology was associated with preserved
biomolecules of
what is tentatively identified as snot.


On Fri, 31 Mar 2000, TRUETT GARNER wrote:

> A reliable source at N.C.State University has  informed me that a team
> working in the Black Creek Formation in Sampson County has discovered
> a 75% complete skeleton of a new specie of Dryptosaurus ,(informally named
> D, aquilunguistullsorum) ! A complete skull , vertebrae series to mid-tail
> , pelvis , both legs and a forelimb have been recovered . The source told
> me that similarities with Deltadromeus and Ornitholestes have been noted .
> He also informed me of a strange pathological condition on one of the legs
> , that seemed to indicate prolonged hopping on said appendage . Strangely ,
> a relic most resembling a flute was also found in association with the
> remains!
> More to come . 
> Regards , 
> Truett Garner
> BTW , Happy April Fools , folks !
> " A poet who reads his verse in public may have other nasty habits."

Jeffrey Alan Bartlett
Paleoecology Group
North Carolina State University
North Carolina State Museum