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No, this is not any April Fools joke.

A renewed invitation to visit my website. It's been a long and busy time
since I managed to include some novelties in it, but I managed to include a
few recent pieces of artwork and an article concerning 'Archaeoraptor' and
Chinese forgeries.
I'm not able to include anything really new since the project I've been
slaving for is still a secret. Time will come I hope.

I've done the article  on request after receiving quite a few alarm calls
from 'disappointed about feathery dinosaurs' people (it was also a good
excuse to throw in a little artwork in progress about the Raptor Family).

I'll appreciate your feedback and be grateful for any criticism and suggestion.

It all comes at the time of the Florida Symposium on Dinosaur-Bird
Evolution. I'm attending it so I'm hoping to have the pleasure to meet a
few people again. It's a great time to ruffle some feathers one more time.

I'm also pleased to announce the imminent release of the new "Dorling &
Kindersley Guide to Dinosaurs" by David Lambert and the lavishly
illustrated "Dinosaurs, the biggest, baddest, strangest, fastest" by Howard
Zimmerman (with George Olshevsky as consultant and a plethora of dinoart
masters). Two projects that I have been heavily involved with in recent

It makes me feel like in good company sometimes!

Hope you enjoy the new sights.

Luis Rey

Visit my website on http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~luisrey