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Re: megalancosaurus

*Bettycapra cunninghamae volantis* wrote:

<could this be an arborial, non-volant first-pterosaur

  This is what Dave Peters has proposed.

<Something that existed alongside pterosaurs but
wasn't one?>

  Both *Megalancosaurus* and *Preondactylus* lived in
the same environment in the Norian Triassic of Italy.

<perhaps similar to an iguana?>

  Not at all.

<How similar is the long tail to rhemphorynchinoids?>

  Not at all.

  Something I forgot to mention in my last post:
Renesto (1994) described the tail as proximally and
distally flexible, with the distal 6th or so being
capable of curling (it's preserved this way in one
specimen) but the middle portion (about 2/3) being
relatively limited in it ventral excursion, due to the
tight compression of the haemal arches to the

  Additionally, it wasn't *Phalanger* that Renesto
compared, it was *Acrobates;* sorry for the mistake.

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