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Needed References

  To all:

  The following references have eluded me, and I have
difficulty getting them through interlibrary loan, so
I would appreciate anyone who can find or get me (I
will pay) for these references:

  Gans, C. 1952. The functional morphology of the
egg-eating adaptations in the snake genus
*Dasypeltis*. _Zoologica_ 37: 209-244.

  Ostrom, J.H. 1964. A functional analysis of jaw
mechanics in the dinosaur *Triceratops*. _Postilla_
88: 35pp.

  ____________ 1966. Functional morphology and
evolution of the ceratopsian dinosaurs. _Evolution_
20: 290-308. 

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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