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Re: Website

In a message dated 4/1/00 8:06:20 PM EST, luisrey@ndirect.co.uk writes:

<< the lavishly illustrated "Dinosaurs, the biggest, baddest, strangest, 
fastest" by Howard Zimmerman (with George Olshevsky as consultant and a 
plethora of dinoart masters). Two projects that I have been heavily involved 
with in recent times. >>

Just received my copy in the mail today and it is a visual treat, with 
magisterial full-color dinosaur art by Luis himself, Mark Hallett, Doug 
Henderson, Greg Paul, Bill Stout, James Gurney, John Sibbick, several others. 
Noted a few errata (including a blunder or two) that slipped through the 
editorial cracks; perhaps they'll be fixed in a future printing. Don't expect 
too much from the text, as the book is intended for ages circa 4-8(!). On 
sale everywhere May 1. Was fun working with everyone on this project.