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Re: sauropod killers

> Larry , 
> This notion has a lot of merit , especially in view
> of the possibility that
> some theropods may have had an extremely septic bite
> , similar to the
> Komodo Dragon . 

I'm not necessarily imagining a slow-poison bite, with
the sauropod dying later and being eaten by the
patient theropod (although trauma from an injury like
that, even non-septic, may have eventually done in a

Rather, I'm imagining just a quick bite for lunch. 
Seems logical for animals with bites optimized for
biting.  Get in, get a bite off clean, then get away
before being rendered two-dimensional by the irate

> The question is how do you
> demonstrate this behavior
> without running into some of the same problems
> associated with
> proving/disproving "pack behavior" , etc.

Of course -- it's totally unprovable, barring some
truly amazing fossil evidence.  

I wonder if any extant tetrapods feed this way?


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