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FWD Congo dinosaur search

Try < http://www.extreme-expeditions.com/african_index.htm >, Ray, it
should give you a list including mokele-mbembe and the like.

Yuck, I hate sites with frames. And this one is a swine to read as well.
Get me to the opticians!

Regarding Terry's other comments, I dunno if it is just a skeptic fixation
- I wouldn't be surprised if there *had* been creationist dino-hunting
expeditions... though I've never heard of any with that agenda. Similarly,
doesn't Cayce's foundation fund quite a lot of Egyptology in the hope of
finding proofs of some of their founder's visions??


>Where in/on the site listed below is the proposed expedition to find a race
>of modern-day dinosaurs
>> -----
>> "Terry W. Colvin" wrote:
>> >
>> > Could a race of modern-day dinosaurs be living in the remote
>> > jungles of  the Congo?  A proposed expedition hopes to find out.
>> >
>> >  http://www.extreme-expeditions.com/extreme%20framset.htm

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