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Re: sauropod killers

>Larry Dunn wrote :
>> As an aside, I'm intrigued by the notion that some
>> theropods may have eaten by stealing bites out of live
>> sauropods rather than killing, then eating them, a
>> daunting proposition to be sure when your prey laughs
>> at an elephant's small size.  Has anyone proposed
>> this?

To which Truett Garner replied: 

>This notion has a lot of merit , especially in view of the 
>possibility that some theropods may have had an 
>extremely septic bite , similar to the Komodo Dragon . 
>Sounds like a relatively safe and cost-effective means of
>obtaining a meal .

It seems to me that this kind of predatory behavior would be selected
against, since every time a predator attacks a prey animal, especially if it
is much larger than itself, it puts itself at risk.  With this eating style,
it seems almost like every bite is a new attack.
The prey animal would not like to be eaten this way, and would get to take a
swipe, slash, butt, whatever, every time you move in for another bite.

Imagine what it would be like if you tried to eat a live cow, one bite at a
time.  Or a marlin--you land it on the boat, then take one bite at a time
while it's slashing around on the deck.  I don't think either approach would
work well.  Even with dogs and deer, or wolves and moose, the predators work
as a pack, and they are really trying to disable the prey, and then they go
in for a kill, not for one bite at a time, all the while getting kicked and