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Re: sauropod killers

Another random thought on this.  When modern predators kill a large prey
item, they tend to gorge themselves.  Then they might lie down and take a
nap, maybe not getting up for anything very serious until they're hungary
again.  I would think that as your tummy gets fuller, you would start to
slow down a bit, and get a little sleepy.  Not good when you always have to
be alert and quick.  OR, maybe you'd never get enough food into yourself to
reach that point.  Which means you're looking for prey, and having to keep
up with prey all the time.  There wouldn't be much quality time!

Wouldn't this predatory style also be a problem for adults that have to take
food back to a nest/den?  Who's keeping track of the prey, and keeping it
nearby, when you leave with a mouthful to take to the kiddies?