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Re: Congo dinosaur search (humor)

From the Congo dinosaur search site...

"Mackal never actually saw the creature himself, although he did have a close call whilst paddling down the Likouala river in native dugouts, his group heard a loud 'Plop' and a large wake splashed up on the far bank. His Pygmy guides cried out frightfully, 'Mokele-Mbembe!, Mokele-Mbembe!'.

"Both Mackal and his colleagues believed that only a large animal diving under the water would have caused such a wake, as since hippos are not present in the Likouala area, they felt that they narrowly missed seeing the elusive creature."

Oh damn!  And they were SO close!

Looks like Mokele-Mbembe is still a _nomen nudum_, while Dr Mackal and friends continue in their quest for a type specimen.


P.S. I hope Dr Mackal is armed with a hefty thermometer to settle that age-old debate, once and for all.
(Apologies to Gary Larson.)
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