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Re: Therizinosauroid apomorphies

From: "Mickey Mortimer" <mickey_mortimer@email.msn.com>

I completely agree.  Despite the fragmentary nature of Beipiaosaurus, the
therizinosaurs are obviously monophyletic.

I hope that I don't come across as obtuse or as one holding out beyond the point of reason, but I don't see it as that obvious. I feel that _Therizinosaurus_ may belong with _Harpymimus_ based on the morphology of the humerus and the manual uguals. The semi-lunate in _Alxassaurus_ is incompletely fused and this may or may not mean something. I would definitely agree that _Erlikosaurus_, _Enigmosaurus_, _Segnosaurus_, and _Nanshiungosaurus_ form a clade, though I'm not sure where they would fit. The D-shaped nareal bar is at least one character to unite them with ornithomimosaurs and a coracoid tubercle may be a trait to unite _Alxasaurus_ with that group. Overall, _Beipaiosaurus_ and _Alxasaurus_ seem maniraptoran, though.

I don't want to beat this into the ground as its been discussed off and on for some while. If there's still interest, I'm happy to continue discussion, though. Thanks to Tim, Mickey M., and Nick L. for the very helpful insights for me to consider.

Have a good night.

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