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Re: The beak of C. dui

I wrote:

<<...Such a function can be applied to
*Confuciusornis* (note: a perfectly strait bill is
required for the woodpecker "drill" adaptation, for
translation of force directly through the skull into
the spine).>>

  I would like to add, a bit late I may say, that I
put this in meaning to mention the strait beak in
these birds, whereas keratinously, they are upturned
where Hou et al., 1999, notes. I think I have also
seen keratinous sheaths on these birds where the bill
was strait, and this may be a specific variation
(probably during the two *Confuciousornis* talks I
attended at SVP). Variation in beak shape may refer to
function, because I cannot see how this variation can
be dimorphic for a single species. I do not know if
Chiappe et al., 1999, treat this subject, and if they
do, how? (Looks like another ref I need to get, just
to satisfy curiousity...)

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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