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Re: Graves museum exhibits

Regarding the Florida Symposium on Dinosaur Bird Evolution, Tracy Ford wrote:

> I've noticed on the bottom of the Graves Museum symposium announcement
> that some of the exhibits are:
>   http://www.Gravesmuseum.org/dinosymp.html
> It sure would be nice for the Graves Museum to contact me. I've called them
> and emailed them about my reservations, and where to met for the Everglades
> tour. Its next week you know.

I received no correspondence from them either; I presume that we'll get our
confirmation when we show up!!  Regarding the Alligator Safari, page 3 of 5 at
<www.Gravesmuseum.org/dinoprint.html> states:

"There will be a pre-symposium trip to Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation
on Thursday, April 6, 2000 departing from the Convention Center at 9:30 AM..."

Thus, we meet at the Broward Convention Center, which is also the location for
the symposium and public programs (fossil exhibits, video loop, plus Robert
Bakker, Philip Currie, and other public speakers).  For a few days, the
Convention Center will be the center of the universe as far as I'm
concerned.      (:>

-- Ralph W. Miller III    gbabcock@best.com

Archosaurs rule!