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Some Publications of Interest

Just want to mention that there are some publications
of interest to the dinosaur community that, while not
pertaining directly to dinosaurs, are relevant in
other ways, and if Mickey allows Dan Varner to yak on
and on about mosasaurs [ :) ] I can get away with:

  O'Keefe, F.R.; Rieppel, O.; and Sander, M. 1999.
Shape disassociation and inferred heterochrony in a
clade of pachypleurosaurs (Reptilia, Sauropterygia).
_Paleobiology_ 25 (4): 504-517.

  O'Keefe, F.R. and Sander, M. 1999. Paleontological
paradigms and inferences of phylogenetic pattern: A
case study. _Paleobiology_ 25 (4): 518-533.

  [note spelling of "inferences" is exact in both
cases from the articles]

  describe the ontogeny of *Pachypleurosaurus*, and
species recognition in the genus. Pretty cool stuff,
since it might give some people out there a look at
how non-dinosaur people approach certain problems of
species recognition is multiple specimens.
*Allosaurus* and *Coelophysis* workers, take note.

  The same issue of the journal also has an article on
the Ediacara biota [Waggoner, 1999: 440-458], as well
as another by Aldredge (1999) [471-482] on brachiopods
that uses the work of none other than list member
Ralph Chapman with his work on morphometrics. [That's
what makes this mentionable, right Mickey?]

  Loope, D.B.; Mason, J.A.; and Dingus, L. 1999.
Lethal sandslides from eolian dunes. _Journal of
Geology_ 107 (6): 707-713.

  Describes the aforementioned (on the list)
phenomenon of wet dunes burying Djadokhtan and Barun
Goyotan dinosaurs and lizards and .... I haven't read
the whole thing, but will dreg myself through it. It's
an interesting solution to the phenom of "upright"
protoceratopians and other strange taphonomy.

  There's some other paleo stuff by Cundell (a snake
worker [ophiologist]) that was adapted into some of
the recent fossil snake hoodoo in _Nature_, but these
are "biology," in _Copeia_, so involve
honest-to-goodness observed and retestable data! Non
fossil, but if anyone wants the refs, email me.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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