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Re: Feathering in coelurosaurs

>>Quite so, but you are comparing apples and oranges I feel...there are not
*many* gaudily coloured mammals, even fur tends to be limited to a few
colours, so to compare what mamals do and use it as a basis to support your
argument seems tenuous...(but I will accept a premise of dinos with gaudy
posterioirs a la mandrille %^)   )<<

Ah!  But mammals are mostly color-blind.  We evolved from little nocturnal
shrews and only some groups of us (like primates) ever regained the ability.
Birds, on the other hand (and probably dinosaurs) do(did) have color vision and
so use color as display where most mammals use smell and sound (birds use sound
too, but anyway . . .) that's why mandrils have funky colors on their rears,
being primates, they can see color and so use the ability like birds.