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Re: Feathering in coelurosaurs

At 01:11 PM 4/4/00 -0700, you wrote:
>>>Quite so, but you are comparing apples and oranges I feel...there are not
>*many* gaudily coloured mammals, even fur tends to be limited to a few
>colours, so to compare what mamals do and use it as a basis to support your
>argument seems tenuous...(but I will accept a premise of dinos with gaudy
>posterioirs a la mandrille %^)   )<<
>Ah!  But mammals are mostly color-blind.  We evolved from little nocturnal
>shrews and only some groups of us (like primates) ever regained the ability.
>Birds, on the other hand (and probably dinosaurs) do(did) have color
vision and
>so use color as display where most mammals use smell and sound (birds use
>too, but anyway . . .) that's why mandrils have funky colors on their rears,
>being primates, they can see color and so use the ability like birds.

But then you have those cuttlefish who are supposedly color-blind yet turn
every color of the rainbow...