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Tetracods [was PALEONEWS:New Species]

> "We've had fossils with very advanced fishes. We've had fossils with
> very primitive land animals called tetrapods. But there had been a gap
> in the middle until now. This is where the new fossil fits in."

Well, finally!

In keeping with the general trend in recent news releases (first
herbivorous dinosaur nests, first fish-tetrapod intermediary), I'd like
to announce that I've discovered the first evidence of prehistoric man. 
This evidence came in the form of a crude stone point I discovered in my
backyard.  This point appears to be made from some sort of flint or
chert, and is totally unlike the trowels, throwing knives, and barbecue
tongs used by modern humans in their backyards. I therefore propose that
at some time in the distant past, perhaps even before my housing edition
was constructed, primitive humans roamed the suburbs and used their
simple, handmade tools for gardening, barbecuing, and other backyard

I also propose that henceforth all animals more advanced than
Eusthenopteron and more primitive than Ichthyostega be colloquially
referred to as 'tetracods.'  I realize that Tetracoda is a paraphyletic
assemblage, but it should prove useful in informal discussion, much like
the paraphyletic Class Reptilia of Linnean days. I'll consider the
dino-list my journal and you all my reviewers. Please disseminate the
term as widely as possible.

And since I just came up with that myself, I'm gonna be lit if anyone
else thought of it first. ;-)

Matt Wedel