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Re: Feathering in coelurosaurs

Thomas Holtz wrote-

> 2) Based merely on phylogeny, the expectation would be that even _T. rex_
> was covered by this stuff.

Even phylogeny doesn't neccessarily suggest that tyrannosaurs were feathered
(using the term feather in the broadest sense).  My phylogeny, along with
those of Forster et al. and Xu et al., place tyrannosaurs outside of the
Compsognathidae+Aves group.  Other phylogenies, such as Makovicky and Sues,
don't include compsognathids, but place tyrannosaurs at the base of the
coelurosaur tree regardless.  They may be feathered, but I don't think
there's enough agreement yet in phylogeny to state that it's supported by
phylogenetic bracketing.

Mickey Mortimer