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a bit of fluff: poor Cope has lost his head again

Hi all, Word comes to me from the Penn Dept of Biology that now their
painting of E.D. Cope has been stolen.  You may remember a few years back
someone walked away with their bust of Cope. It was eventually found in a
frat house at Penn State and returned to Philadelphia where it is now
securely stored at the Dept. of Biology until they can have a new,
hopefully pilfer proofed display made for it.  Previously the bust and the
painting of Cope were placed in a stairwell at the Leidy Labs
building.  Attractive shrine, but evidently not a very secure one.  If
Cope were in his grave, he probably would be spinning just about now.
I am beginning to think that Marsh's ghost is somehow involved in all
these lost images of Cope, especially with the new
publication of __Marsh's Dinosaurs. :)  Cheers!  Jane D.

haiku on reading email late at night

Darkness comforts.  Screen glows messages.  From those who care and those
who don't.   

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