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Re: Let's all think colorful thoughts...

Mickey Rowe wrote:

<Shifting gears,  Emily Tremain <etremain@gac.edu>

] But then you have those cuttlefish who are
supposedly ] color-blind yet turn every color of the
I saw that article in this month's "Natural History"
too, and I'm more than a little skeptical.>

  While not managing to pull up written documentation
(the research just having recently been pulled, I
think) -- a recent documentary (the well-done
"Complete Guide to the Octopus" on Discover Channel)
included a largist segment on cuttlefish that included
the color-change capability, and it was demonstrated
that cuttlefish see a different band than we do; it
was detirmined that they don't neccessarily see colors
as we do, and could not distinguish between yellow and
blue; imitation is shown that they measure and imitate
intensity, not color, and can mimic shade well, but
that's about it. And, I know how dull this all sounds,
but its not so much the eye problem, as the
"limitation" of the chromatophores, erythrophores, and
melanophores they possess, being mainly
intensity/light, red, and black producing cells,
respectively. Same for octopus. Of course, it was a
documentary on Discover Channel, but at least it
doesn't showcase Steve Irwin :).

  That's one email today, so far. [I'm counting, now :)]

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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