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Re: Crocodylian palpebrals (a bit late I know, but...)

> I'm wondering if anyone has done a study to test which of the crocodylians 
> fought the most visciously - palpebrated or unpalpebrated (are these words?). 
>  After all crocs bring down food and perform intraspecific
> combat with their mouths first and foremost.
I'm not sure this is possible, since "viciousness" is not really a
quantifiable variable.  Crocodylids tend to go after larger prey items,
but I can't imagine there would be any correlation with palpebral size.

>  Also a connection between blunter snouts and bone adorned eyes sounds like 
> all the soft areas of the face are being shielded.
> Chris, I know you said they don't feed as
> roughly,

I did?

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