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RE: Segnosauria vs. Therizinosauria

Tom Holtz wrote:

> << ICZN would favor any "Therizinosaur-" taxon over any
>  "Segnosaur-" taxon, since Therizinosauridae was named before
>  Segnosauridae >>
> Not just favor: >mandate<.

But this mandate *ONLY* applies to "family group" taxa; it would have no
bearing on taxa of suprafamilial "rank" of any sort.

Except superfamily - even if the actual "rank" is discarded (a la PT), the -oidea suffix makes the taxon subject to ICZN rules. Therizinosauroidea would have priority over Segnosauroidea, just as Spinosauroidea takes priority over Torvosauroidea.

Segnosauria, Segnosauromorpha, Segnosauriformes, Segnosaurischia, Segnosaurofrankzappia... they aren't affected. Segnosauridae, Segnosaurinae, Segnosauroidea, on the other hand, do have to follow ICZN rules on priority. It's a holdover from Linnaean hierarchial taxonomy, but as far as I know it's still applies.

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