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Re: Bambiraptor feinbergi


>"This species is truly a dinosaur Rosetta stone," said Martin Shugar, the
>institute's director, referring to the tablet found 200 years ago that
>helped archaeologists decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics. 

A shame it couldn't have received a genus name more befitting such an 
important taxon, instead of something with such childish connotations.

>Shugar persuaded Michael Feinberg, a Hollywood, Fla., investor and 
philanthropist, >to buy the specimen for an undisclosed price and lend it to 
the museum. 

I suspect this has already been discussed, but have any steps been taken to 
assure that the skeleton will *remain* in a museum collection, or will it 
eventually be returned to Michael Feinberg, who I assume remains its legal 

>Linster christened the specimen bambiraptor because it's small like Bambi.

Ah, well. It *could* have been worse. We might be stuck with "Elmoraptor" . . 

Caitlin R. Kiernan