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just a thought (look inside for details)...

With all of the discussion going on lately about feathered coelurosaurs, I thought I might introduce an idea that not long ago popped into my head concerning a similar topic. Recently, I was sketching a nesting _Oviraptor_ (based on the ?Big Mama? specimen) that had its arms wrapped vigilantly around its nest, protecting the fragile eggs from a sandstorm with its ?proto-wings?. I?m not sure which feathers may have served this purpose (the coverts, maybe?). Could it be that perhaps oviraptorosaurs developed these proto-wings as a means of incubating the nest and protecting the fragile eggs from outer conditions (I realize no such fossilized impressions have ever been found)? Today?s Snowy Owl does something quite comparable to this. Is this a plausible idea? My guess would be ?maybe not?, but it was just a thought?

-Jordan Mallon

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