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What came before Eoraptor?...was:Re: [Fwd: MEGALANCOSAUR notes from Ruben.

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Date: Thursday, April 06, 2000 4:22 PM
Subject: [Fwd: MEGALANCOSAUR notes from Ruben.

>an interesting contribution I am forwarding to the list
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>Megalancosaurus was,
>indeed, a fascinating animal.
>Unfortunately, it's become an increasingly untrendy animal for serious
>discussion because as soon as the genus is mentioned, many
>"dinos-are-birds" zealots automatically react as if it were being
>proposed as the avian ancestor,....
>Cheers, john r*

Even so,...has anyone postulated what group may have held the ancestors for
Eoraptor? If prolacertiforms have all these "birdlike" characteristics, (in
addition to preorbital fenestrae, and possible bipedal posture as seen on
Dave Peter`s website:
http://home.stlnet.com/~azero/Pterosaur_Origins.html  )
Then it would appear (to me) that they would make pretty good candidates for
predinosaurian forms, even if one didn`t go for the "trees down" philosophy.
Can anyone suggest a better group?