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Spinosaurids: Hump or Sail?

 It has been debated wheter dinosaurs had humps or
sails like pelycosaurs. I want to know if any one has
devised a way to tell. Bailey has written a paper, he
makes a good argument and compares mammals (bison) to
the dinosaur. Don't get me wrong, he is trying to make
a comparison. 
Does anyone have an opinion on sails or humps? or a
possible way to test it?
I think that it has something to do with evolution of
dinosaurs. If in theropods, such as Spinosaurus
Aegypticus and Suchomimus Tenerensis, there are neural
elongations, how that can show for Orthonischians.
Suchomimus has long neural spines, it is about 70%
complete. Bailey says that there's not enough evidence
for Spinosaurus. Does anyone have any news on that?
Eventhough Suchomimus has long neural spines, it's
closest relative, Baryonyx Walkerii, seems to have no
neural elongations. Then there's Spinosaurus and
Irritator in another branch of Spinosauroidea. Then
there's the weird characteristic that this group
(spinosaurids)have long narrow skulls. They resemble
crocodiles. Then these animals are piscivorous,
Would a hump with muscles help them be efficient
Would a sail be for show and thermoregulation?
In comparing neural spines, how big is the rib cage in
ratio to it?

   If anyone has an opinion or an answer to help my
research I would gladly appreciated. 
My email is  deltadromeus90@yahoo.com

    thank you,

Marco Mendez

"the fossil is out there"   

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