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Re: Bambiraptor feinbergi

Matt Bonnan wrote:

<You might even make the case that Irritator
challengeri (yipes!), or Hallucigenia and Sanctacarias
(literally Santa Claws) from the Burgess Shale are
stretching it a bit. Where is the so-called "dignity"
in any of these names? They are "catchy.">

  Hmmm. Catchy in a way, but not unrealistic.
*Hallucigenia* does look like a nightmare, but "Claws
of the Holy Man" is a clever arachnid moniker, and is
appropriate within the field. Serious? Why should this
field be so gloom and glum? *Irritator* was actually
irritating, to Martill, to Sues, to everyone until the
skull got it's facelift, and now -- ahhh. *Borogovia*
is named after a Lewis Carroll poem, and no one
complained. Norell and Makovicky's new troodontid is
only the first of many "witty" names that you will see
soon, and one will boggle your incredulity with its
... imagination. *Bambiraptor*? Sure, why not, it's
cute, small, fluffy (probably), and Larry Febo's
caricature was a hoot! Would I like to have to deal
with this taxon [with that name?] in a formal manner,
yes, and what matters the name? As Tim said, a rose is
a rose.

  Let it get sunk, but first you have to _prove_ it is
a junior synonym of another taxon that is more
pleasing to thine ears, and we have to go about this
arbitrarily, and objectively, and be willing to let
"Linstersaurus" stand as a unique taxon.

<I can  understand your anxiety about paleo looking
"soft" to other "hard" scientists because of
Bambiraptor and other recent "catchy" dinosaur names,
but paleo has always been looked on as a secondary
science to physics, chemistry, biology, etc.>

  And yet still I must grit my teeth when asked why I
don't put my "hobby" aside to pursue something like
truck driving [seriously]. This isn't a hobby for me,
and I fully intend to pursue a career in the field,
degrees and all. But until the powers that be in my
particular environment leave off, I have little
choice. Moneywise, I'm so low as to just barely afford
the papers I photocopy and ILL for. But I make it. The
bills get paid, and I go on, and educate myself 'cause
I'm not rich enough for school. And what a wonderful
tool this list has been for all that, and for some of
the people on now who are new, young, and approaching
paleo with such open eyes as mine were [and still
are!], don't be discouraged about the jeers or
condemnation about your "hobby", grit your teeth, and
go on.

  "What's in a name? A rose by any other name would
smell as sweet." -Romeo and Juliet, who didn't care
what they're names were, or that they were *Homo,*
they still "knew each other, well."

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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