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  To Mike, George, and the list:

  I am to understand that simply naming a taxon and
listing a membership is all that is neccessary for
validating a taxon, at least above the "family" group,
in either ICZN or PT? Russell (1997), in the
Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs [Padian and Currie, eds.],
did indeed name the Therizinosauria; but first usage I
can find of the colloquial term "therizinosaurs" goes
to Maryanska (1997), in The Complete Dinosaur [Farlow
and Brett-Surman, eds.], and of the term
"therizinosaur" goes to Barsbold (1976), in _Trudy_.
[The title of the paper literally translates to "New
data on the therizinosaur (Therizinosauridae,
Theropoda)."] "The therizinosaur" [*tyerizinozavrye*]
does not translate, as commonly applied, as
*Therizinosaurus* and colloquial usage of generic
names in the Mongolian papers commonly followed this
pattern, such as "the ingeniine," "the velociraptor,"
etc. in papers by Barsbold, Perle, Maleev, etc.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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