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Career/education advice

Hello, everyone. . .

        I've got a meeting with my geology undergraduate advisor next
Thursday to plan my B.S. coursework for the next two years.  The early
returns from others who've met with him is that he is seriously going to
try to talk me out of emphasizing paleontology.

        He's going to tell me--and I'm repeating this second-hand--there's
no money in it (I figured that already); no jobs; and what jobs there
are--as well as possibly a paleo Master's program--require relocation.  For
personal reasons I have to stay in San Diego for the foreseeable future.

        My ultimate goal has always been to achieve a higher degree in
paleo, but at the same time I have to be realistic (ouch--that really DOES
hurt), and it's crunch time.  A friend suggested majoring in basic geology
with a biology minor as a way to keep the paleo option open.  That seems
like a reasonable compromise.

        So, I need to make a decision in time for my meeting. . .  Clearly
I'm not the first to go through this dilemma.  Hopefully the 1200 years of
combined experience of my fellow dino-listers can work for me!  :-)  I've
reviewed the dinolist archives, and the "So you want to become a
Paleontologist?" website. . . Yes, I desperately want to do paleo but at
the same time the idea of finding out two years down the road that I've
wasted my time scares the coprolites outta me.  Or should I go with my
dream?  Will a BS emphasizing paleo irrevocably mess me up down the road if
I find I have to change direction?  Any comments or suggestions, on or
off-list, would be greatly appreciated.

        Thanks in advance.

        --TA Curtis

T.A. Curtis
13980 Lyons Valley Road
Jamul, CA   91935.2024   USA