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Re: Bambiraptor

Steve Jackson writes:
Disagree. If you have any Latin at all, Micropachycephalosaurus is
perfectly memorable because it is descriptive. Yes, it's a long word; that
should not make it less memorable, though I admit it's less convenient.

Admittedly, I don't have any Latin whatsoever. I am just an average high-school student with an above average interest in dinosaurs. This being the case, I'm not able to translate every scientific name that I come across (although I have learned a little Latin by understanding the roots of some dinosaur names). So, _speaking from a non-expert?s point of view_, Bambiraptor is certainly more memorable than Micropachycephalosaurus. Why? Because it is shorter, easier to pronounce, and can be identified with, as nearly everyone knows who Disney?s ?Bambi? is. Again, this is from a layman?s point of view.

On the other hand?

I also tend to agree with those who loathe the name ?Bambiraptor? and all other non-descriptive tags. Despite what some people have accused me of, I think scientific names should be explanatory to the point that the one referring to a name has some idea about what the animal is like, where it lived, the story behind it, etc.

Bambiraptor is memorable, to be blunt, because it's DUMB.

Just out if curiosity, is the name Atlascopcosaurus also dumb because it is not ?descriptive?? If it?s a physical description we want, then no, because it does not provide even an inkling as to the dinosaur?s characteristics. However, I think it is descriptive in that it provides some case history into the background of the dinosaur?s discovery (Atlas Copco was the name of the company that helped excavate this dino?s bones). Same case scenario for Leaellynasaura (named after the discoverers? daughter) and Bambiraptor (the boy who found it nicknamed it Bambi because of it?s small and ?cute? appearance).

At any rate, that?s just my view of things. You may not share the same vision as me, but that?s understandable. I?m just an ignorant teen with a simplistic view of things. To each his own, I say!

- Jordan Mallon
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