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Re: Bambiraptor feinbergi

Matt Bonnan wrote:

> I can understand your anxiety about paleo looking "soft" to other "hard" 
> scientists because of Bambiraptor and other recent "catchy" dinosaur names,

You mean "hard" sciences like particle physics, where the proton is composed
of "quarks" (from a line in Finnegan's Wake, which admittedly did have some
slight descriptive relevance at the time), whose charges are called "colours" 
(Red, Green and Blue even - but nothing to do with reflecting different
wavelengths of light), and where the forces between them, which hold the
proton together, are carried by "gluons" (geddit?). Where the abbreviation of
"supersymmetry" to "SUSY" has resulted in endless puns, and where a paper 
was written (prior to the confirmation of the existence of the top quark)
asking "Is Nature a Topless Model?".

Don't worry, it's not just Paleo that has this "problem" :-)