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Re: DINOSAUR digest 1347

In a message dated 4/9/00 11:41:33 AM EST, NJPharris@aol.com writes:

<< "ei" is a spurious diphthong: it was actually a single vowel, pronounced 
as a 
 long, closed "e" [sort of like "way"], as opposed to the open "e" [like 
 "bet", but long] represented by eta.  By late Classical times the 
 pronunciation of "ei" had shifted to a long "i" [as in "key"].>>

This sounds reasonable.
<< In the interest of simplicity, I probably would have gone with Stenopoda 
 "narrow feet" or Stenotarsi, since (as I just learned myself) Greek 
 properly refers to the flat of the foot, rather than the ankle. >>

Well, we're talking specifically about the metatarsus here, as an anatomical 
feature, not the tarsus or the entire pes. The part of the metatarsus that is 
"steno" or "steino" is just the proximal part of the third metatarsal, but a 
Greekish name that specific would be very unwieldy.