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re: Bambiraptor the Magnificent

  A few quotes:
>"Bambiraptor is memorable, to be blunt, because it's DUMB."
>"Yes, there's a history of taxonomic humor, and senses of humor vary, but
>Bambiraptor isn't wit; it's an exploding cigar."

"I suspect that I'm reaching the point in this thread where I'm beating a dead
horse (or at least a dead theropod). I do have a sense of humor. I just don't
believe that the naming of taxa is an appropriate place the express it."

Obviously "Bambiraptor"  has triggered a lot of really strong opinions, mostly negative.  Nobody wants to think of a predatory dinosaur as a cute, fuzzy Disneykin.  However, aside from the fact that he was a character in Salten's book long before he became a cartoon character, it should be pointed out that Bambi was not just a cute little bunny-befriended  fawn.   He went through a lot growing in up in a world that was both beautiful and dangerous.  By the end of the story, Bambi was no longer an adorable infant, but instead had become a butt-kicking stag, the primo stud of the glade, and in fact, the Prince of the Forest.  Is that such a bad image for a Dinosaur?  Maybe everyone would feel better if we refined the name to Bambiraptor rex.

By the way, Bambi versus Godzilla makes frequent appearances at Spike and Mike's Mellow Manor  Festivals of Animation.  These come to a lot of urban areas, and certainly show up regularly in San Diego.  It is available on their Video compilations.