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Re: Bambiraptor

On Sat, 8 Apr 2000, Ahmed al-Mahasa Sha'ad wrote
> >Bambiraptor is memorable, to be blunt, because it's DUMB.
> >
> >Yes, there's a history of taxonomic humor, and senses of humor vary, but
> >Bambiraptor isn't wit; it's an exploding cigar.
> It isn't the first time- Ozraptor subotaii for Subotai, a fictional charcter 
> (a fast thief) from "Conan the Barbarian".
The world of paleomammalogy has quite a few names like this. Leigh van
Valen named numerous (a "buttload", to use a Holtzism) condylarths after
characters from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth mythos in a 1978 paper in
the equally "mythical" journal _Evolutionary Theory_. Van Valen's taxa
include  Thangorodrim thalion, Protungulatum gorgun, Oxyprimus
galadrielae, Deltatherium durini, Chriacus calenancus, Arctocyonides
mumak, Platymastus palantir & P. mellon, Mimotricentes mirielae,
Desmatoclaenus mearae, Deuterogonodon noletil, Litaletes ondolinde,
Bomburia priscus, Protoselene bombadili, ?Litomylus alphamon, Tinuviel
eurydice, Fimbrethil ambaronae, Mimatuta morgoth & M. minuial, Earendil
undomiel, Anisonchus athelas & A. eowynae, A. (Mithrandir) oligistus,
Ancalagon saurognathus, and Niphredil radagasti.

-Christian Kammerer
(an avowed anti-Bambiraptorite)