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RE: Bambiraptor the Magnificent

>> However, aside from the fact that he was a
character in Salten's book long before he became a cartoon character, it
should be pointed out that Bambi
was not just a cute little bunny-befriended  fawn.   He went through a
lot growing in up in a world that was
both beautiful and dangerous.  By the end of the story, Bambi was no
longer an adorable infant, but instead
had become a butt-kicking stag, the primo stud of the glade, and in
fact, the Prince of the Forest.<<

But the stupid thing was still an herbivore!  Bambi didn't run around
the forest flore eating small critters, he didn't (possibly) fly, he
didn't even walk on its hind legs.  It would have made a lot more sence
if they named the dromaeosaur for some fictional bird (um, I can't think
of any at the moment, but there must be some).

Not to say that I don't really like the name Bambiraptor, but everyone has
to STOP thinking of the little deer Bambi. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE
LITTLE DEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It has to deal with bambi, as in small! Nothing to do with the Disney