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RE: Bambi vs Godzilla


        The biggest joke about "Bambi vs. Godzilla" was that the credits took 3 
5 minutes to run, BEFORE any action. (Just Bambi eating grass and looking
around).  The credits ended, and SQUASH, that's the end of Bambi.  Then the
ending credits ran for around 3 more minutes.  (Mostly crediting Marv
Newland, and his parents!)

        Concerning "Bambi's Revenge" - Bambi wasn't killed by getting squashed, 
not only had fiery breath, but a rocket pack that enabled him to fly!

        BTW: _Micropachycephalosaurus_ is very memorable - at least to me.  I 
no Latin or Greek language, except for what I've learned about dinosaurs,
and some medical terms I've gleaned through-out the years.

        Allan Edels