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Re: Bambiraptor

Caitlan Kiernan, with a nicer gaelic name than mine,

<_feinbergi_ is a fair and scientifically appropriate
tribute to the boy who discovered the skeleton. But,
as far as I can tell, Bambi played no role in the
recovery of this fossil and so deserves no credit.>

  *B. feibbergi* honors, on the species, an investor
and the owner and financial backbone of the project to
describe and control this potentially important fossil
specimen; and a I doubt anyone can argue this fossil
is important. The genus is a descriptive nomen, on the
one hand refering to the dromaeosaur (or "raptor")
relationship of the fossil, and on the other the
"small and cute" is refered to both by the Italian
derivative of _bambino_ (a general description of a
baby is "small and cute") and by the name of a
cultural "small and cute" Disney icon. Most people
identify Bambi from the fawn, not the stag, so.... The
name is post appropriately descriptive and
recognizable. I've been apprached on the description
of the great *Gondwanatitan*, at work by a customer (I
work in a restaurant), and it is quite a memorable

  Does this in any way devalue the fossil's
importance? No. Does this, in any conceivable way
devalue the paleontology? Okay, the press and the
populace may latch more on the image and the animal
than on the science, but the scientists will latch
onto the fossil, so this is less relavant; though, as
I posted before, does have repercussions, as many
others on the list have posted before, this, last and
the years before.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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