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Re: Bambiraptor the Magnificent

I find it intriguing that discussions such as the below captioned postings
are allowed on this list, but I have been told that cryptozoological
discussions (even about surviving dinosaurs) - which can be both
intellectual and scholarly - are disallowed.  Why is this so?

Loren Coleman
>From: Matt Wedel <sauropod@ou.edu>
>To: dinosaur@usc.edu
>Subject: Re: Bambiraptor the Magnificent
>Date: Mon, Apr 10, 2000, 1:33 AM

>>  The following is a list of fictional birds who hopefully will never have a
>> dinosaur named after them:
>> Woody Woodpecker
>> Toucan Sam (ToucanSamosaurus kellogi...God help us all if this ever happens)
>> Daffy & Donald Duck
>> Opus the penguin (Bloom County)
>> Chilly Willy
>> Buzz Buzzard
>> Yacky Doodle
>Let us not forget that veritable Atlas amongst animated avians, paravian
>pugilist, paddler-of-dogs-butts and educator-of-the-young, Foghorn
>Leghorn.  Not that I am in any way advocating or endorsing
>Foghornopteryx leghornia.  Leghornia is occupied (a malady afflicting
>some canines, oddly enough).