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Do we really know what colour ichthyosaurs were? Dan Bensen 

>  In the book Dinosaurs and
> Prehistoric Animals (primarily by Dougal Dixon) it says, "The remains
> of pigment cells have also been preserved and the analysis of these
> suggests that the smooth, thick skin of Ichthyosaurus was a dark
> reddish-brown color in life."  What ever became of that theory?  Is it
> still valid?

Whitear (1956) is the one reference everyone alludes to when 
discussing fossil pigment in ichthyosaurs (it is paper from _Ann. Mag. 
Nat. Hist._). Whitear reported microscopic structures in 
_Ichthyosaurus_ soft tissues that she interpreted as skin cells, and cells 
with dark brown melanocytes. Obviously I have discussed this quite a 
bit with David Martill, my supervisor and an authority on soft tissue 
preservation in marine reptiles - judging by his published abstracts he 
has formerly accepted this interpretation ('Some ichthyosaurs were 
brown (Whitear 1956)' (Martill 1997)) but I can't recall what his take 
is on it now. Many structures previously identified as 'skin cells' have 
recently been reinterpreted as non-organic, so Whitear's identifications 
need to be scrutinised.. also, if a fossil cell is brown, is that really an 
accurate representation of pigmentation during life? Also, I am reliably 
informed that Whitear's specimens are not of high quality (though this 
might be due to recent degradation (L. Steel pers. comm.)).

I think this has been covered on the list before (check the archives).

On a related matter, it is probable that preserved ichthyosaur soft tissue 
 outlines are not ALL autolithified bacterial mats: Keller (1992 I think, 
a _Kaupia_ paper) presented an alternative model. Those who work on 
this area seem to agree that neither model explains ALL of the cases. 

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