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Re: Career/education advice

I really don't think anyone should do a B.S. that emphasizes paleontology -
even if you really want that.  It narrows your perspective way too soon.  A
paleo orientation should be adopted in grad school - so try for a degree
emphasizing as much geology and biology as you can.


> Hello, everyone. . .
>         I've got a meeting with my geology undergraduate advisor next
> Thursday to plan my B.S. coursework for the next two years.  The early
> returns from others who've met with him is that he is seriously going to
> try to talk me out of emphasizing paleontology.
>         He's going to tell me--and I'm repeating this second-hand--there's
> no money in it (I figured that already); no jobs; and what jobs there
> are--as well as possibly a paleo Master's program--require relocation.  For
> personal reasons I have to stay in San Diego for the foreseeable future.
>         My ultimate goal has always been to achieve a higher degree in
> paleo, but at the same time I have to be realistic (ouch--that really DOES
> hurt), and it's crunch time.  A friend suggested majoring in basic geology
> with a biology minor as a way to keep the paleo option open.  That seems
> like a reasonable compromise.
>         So, I need to make a decision in time for my meeting. . .  Clearly
> I'm not the first to go through this dilemma.  Hopefully the 1200 years of
> combined experience of my fellow dino-listers can work for me!  :-)  I've
> reviewed the dinolist archives, and the "So you want to become a
> Paleontologist?" website. . . Yes, I desperately want to do paleo but at
> the same time the idea of finding out two years down the road that I've
> wasted my time scares the coprolites outta me.  Or should I go with my
> dream?  Will a BS emphasizing paleo irrevocably mess me up down the road if
> I find I have to change direction?  Any comments or suggestions, on or
> off-list, would be greatly appreciated.
>         Thanks in advance.
>         --TA Curtis
> T.A. Curtis
> kodiak@mail.inetworld.net/619.669.1801
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