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Control of Original Specimens

Caitlan Kiernan wrote:

<Something that I haven't seen addressed here is what
the fossils ultimate fate is likely to be. I assume
that Feinberg retains legal ownership, which means he
retains legal ownership of a generic holotype, a far
from desirable situation.>

  It has been suggested, I believe, that Feinberg
intends to donate the fossil to an institution (the
Graves Musuem?). However, as he possesses ownership of
the bones to which the nomen has been attached, there
are certainly casts of the fossil done which will
allow us to study the animal. But knowing the
importance of having the original material at hand, it
is especially gratifying to know that the original of
*Kakuru* has finally come back into play, so that it
can be directly compared, if the owner allows (he
bought his opal, after all, no matter what science
applies to the rocks themselves). But that's my position.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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